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Andrew Frace - Private Acting Coach

This page provides a link for actors seeking private audition coaching

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What I Do

I specialize in assisting actors in auditioning for and booking:

How I Do It

I work with you one-on-one and show you how to:

What I Offer

Sides Preparation/Monologue Coaching

Music Theatre/Singing Audition Preparation

College Audition Mentoring

Video Audition Coaching

Who I Am

I am a professional actor living in NYC with over 15 years experience in the business. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Elon University with a BFA in Music Theatre. I have performed in various Broadway National Tours, for Walt Disney Theatricals, and in over 20 regional theatre productions. Additionally, I have acted in feature films, television, commercials, voiceovers, and industrials. I have also worked as an audition reader for casting agencies in NYC and have viewed auditions from the other side of the casting table on a regular basis.


1st Private 1 hr. Session is Free
Private Session: $45/hr.

Million Dollar Quartet Audition Master Class in West Palm Beach, FL.

What Clients Say

"Andrew is the definition of professionalism and diligence. As a successful actor himself, he knows what it takes to get the audition and book it. I've seen few who work as hard as him, and all that knowledge and drive translates into his coaching. He gives great insight and encourages variety in your approach making it easy to relax into and feel out the many facets of the character you're portraying. Mostly, he makes sure you're bringing yourself to the role & the result is a confident, comfortable, and well rehearsed 'you' ready to walk through that audition door."

- Rob Marnell (Beautiful - Broadway, Jersey Boys - Vegas)

"Frace's acute attention to detail ensures that each word is said to the writer's intent. His dedication to analyzing every nook and cranny of a scene always gave me more levels and variety in my choices. From sitcom pilots to Chekov, Frace was invested in making sure I gave my best performance."

- David Andrew Morton (Jersey Boys - Vegas)

"Andrew Frace has the knowledge, expertise, and experience of what it's like to be on BOTH sides of the table. He understands what an actor is feeling while at the same time knowing what works and doesn't work in the room. He also has an amazing eye for video auditions and is able to give just the right notes to get you out of your head and into what you're doing. I highly recommend him!"

- Stephanie Lynne Mason (Million Dollar Quartet - National Tour and Vegas)

"Frace is a thoughtful, smart, and attentive coach and actor. He's helped me with countless auditions, filming, coaching, and running lines with me, and was always willing to keep working and/or filming until I felt completely comfortable and ready. His insight is always smart and extremely helpful and he really cares. I wouldn't go to anyone else! Do yourself and your audition a favor"

- Mackenzie Bell (Pippin - Broadway, Jersey Boys - National Tour, Chicago, Vegas, Flashdance - National Tour)

"Andrew has the ability to make any scene take form and come to life. His extreme attention to each detail helps to create clear and honest acting choices. He takes the time to make sure that each line/feeling is comfortable and honest. In working with Andrew, I have learned to get out of my head and take complete focus in the world that is created by the scene. I know very few people with as much drive and 'dedication to the work' as Andrew. He is a true professional."

- Haley Hannah (Bring It On - Broadway, Flashdance - National Tour)

"Frace's coaching is both insightful and supportive. His ability to find differing, yet effective choices helps to realize the dynamic potential of any audition material. Definitely my first choice when prepping an audition!"

- James Sheider (Million Dollar Quartet - Broadway, Chicago, & National Tour)

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