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The Lion King

"The beauty of Julie Taymor’s stage rendition of The Lion King lies in the dual nature of the performances — The effect works particularly well when it comes to mischievous hyenas . . . Ed (Andrew Frace) — the latter the doofus of the bunch, his tongue constantly sticking out both from the character’s mask and from Frace’s mouth."
          — Francois Marchand (Edmonton Journal)

"And the three hyenas, Jayne Trinette, Randy Donaldson, and Andrew Frace stole their scenes with their slapsticky portrayals."

Finding Nemo: The Musical

"What is amazing about this cast is that most of them didn't know anything about puppetry . . . . They were cast because they are great actors, great singers, great dancers . . . . And they are all so good now. This cast-they work so hard."
          —Kristen Anderson-Lopez

Disney's Beauty and The Beast

"Other stand-outs include Andrew Frace as Gaston's toadying sidekick, Lefou . . ."

"Yet the beguiling surprises of 'Beauty and the Beast' are some of the fresh faces around town playing character roles. The standouts include . . . Andrew Frace as the rubbery bufoon Lefou..."
          —The Washington Times

How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

"As played by Andrew Frace, the unscrupulous J. Pierpont Finch is sweet-natured at heart, and his climb to the top seems a matter of incredible luck, not active deceit. Gone is the puckish, wicked style of Robert Morse in the original production; Frace is more exuberant, an instantly likable fellow. Indeed, his incessant boyish blunts and sugarcoats the satire, making the show much less biting than it might otherwise be. Even so, Frace seems ideally cast. His big second-act number, 'I Beleive in You', --a love song Finch sings to himself--nicely expresses the character's narcissism without compromising his likability, a tricky tightrope for any actor to walk. It's a brilliant turn."
          —Tim Hulsey (

"Andrew Frace's face may be new to us, but it's perfect for a devious, outwardly angelic youth (Finch), with an unstoppable interior demon. The guy can sing too!"
          —The Observer

"Frace is well cast and very good as Finch, the window washer/top executive wannabe. He's charming and scheming at the same time, acts and sings well and holds closely to the character while not trying to overshadow anyone else. He shows both talent and skill."
          —The Daily Progress

Twisted Measure (Elon's Co-ed A'Cappella Group)

"Barefoot and Beautiful" (Debut CD Review)
"First to the strengths, of which there are primarily four: Andrew Frace's percussion... Sadly, Frace's well-supported v.p. graces only two of the tracks on this CD, but those tracks are instantaneously superior to most of the rest of the album purely on the basis of his contribution... the combination of Frace and Hecker on the opening track (Heaven) works so well that it is sorely missed throughout the rest of the album..."

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